The date of my last post is 2018. It's been a while. By then, I was concerned about my Ph. D. studies, my financial situation, and my sister's safety in Havana. And of course, in general terms, about the future. But none of this seems to be relevant now. That is what is funny about time: past, present, and future are nothing but a reference to one another. 

In any case, today, I have other concerns. My sister is now in the United States, and she is safe. Although an indispensable part of my family and friends are still in Cuba, I feel that I have the economic stability to contribute to their lives as any other Cuban, via remesas

For the first time in years, I am enjoying myself again, thinking about my creative work, spending time with my daughter, and earning money from a job that I actually like. As a matter of fact, I have discovered that I love teaching Spanish in the context of the international, private high school, The Lawrenceville School, where there is a holistic vision of what a teacher's job is. Here, I feel that I can contribute to the student's lives and influence their views as social actors. My contribution is indeed going to the privileged kids. Still, there is also true that they will have an essential role in the future of their respective countries, so it is vital to help them become responsible and culturally competent global citizens. 

The news that this post announces is threefold. I will be updating my blog again, both in English and Spanish -and sometimes in a bilingual fashion-, but I will be covering more than my personal or professional experiences. From now on, I will publish different aspects of my work under three categories: Literary Interventions (for my creative work as a transdisciplinary writer); See you later, alligator (for my very enjoyable, but yet work as a mother), and ¡Hasta pronto! (for posts related to my work as a teacher).