When Megan Armknecht asked me for additional pictures for her profile of my dissertation work, which she published at the Princeton University's CDH website on November 15, I had no idea what to do. What kind of pictures can show research work. Other than those featuring authors -aka research subjects- that I did not want to drag along for my personal gain, I had no other picture that show a research focused not on physical material objects but on digital cultural products. 

But then I went through my personal albums and I discovered this picture that I love, because in it you can see me in a Vedado park in Havana, sitting on the ground behind a bench, using my umbrella to hide from the sun while accessing the public wifi from my laptop. That is a picture I love, because it conveys the contingency of the space that I was studying, the Cuban literary field, and the fragile but inevitable role that digital technology plays in it.  

Here is the picture:

To read Armknecht article you can follow this link.